A Rapper Turned His Photo From The Capitol Riot Into An Album Cover, Faces Federal Charges


After the wrapper Antoine DeShawn Brodnax Sitting on a US Capitol Police swat truck during the January 6 uprising inside Washington, DC, he changed the image to the cover of his new album, The Capital. Now, he faces federal charges.

According to Washington Post, Brodnax who goes Bugzi the don In the music industry, told investigators that he was in the Capitol on January 6, but claimed that he was not part of the riots, but only in Washington to shoot a music video. He also says that he entered the building to take photos and videos, court documents report.

His album The Capital is available on Spotify and Apple Music. It includes “The Capital Skit” and “The Capital Interview Skit, Pt. 2.”

“Broadnacks chased crowds into the United States Capitol Building and entered the building after United States Capitol Police moved gates that blocked the doors,” A. Affidavit said.

The affidavit also states that the rapper made his way into the building “peacefully” and spent about forty minutes taking “pictures and videos of architecture”.

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However, investigators have a different account of his time at the Capitol and Brodnax was arrested on 11 March. Video footage shows Brodnax asking an unidentified woman inside the National Statuary Hall to take a picture of her sitting at the base of a statue of Norman Borlaug, an agronomist who won the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize.

A tweet also surfaced and included a screen recording of a CNN live stream on January 6, showing the rapper at the Capitol, who identified him by his Twitter handle @bugziethedon. A screenshot of a later deleted Instagram post on the rapper’s account also showed him on the Borlaug Statue.

He faces four federal charges including disorderly conduct and unlawful entry. His lawyers are attempting to block search warrants on Brodnax’s Twitter and Facebook account, saying Brodnax’s constitutional rights are being violated.



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