Amanda, Who Appeared On Soft White Underbelly, Passes Away

Amanda, Who Appeared On Soft White Underbelly, Passes Away

Amanda, a woman who was one of Joe’s subjects Soft white underbelly The series on YouTube, died at the age of 25, a. According to Video update from channel.

On Saturday 15 May, Lima Zavermovic Appeared with Amanda’s father Soft white underbelly To talk about Amanda’s death. Lima, who helped Amanda get treatment and organized Go Fund Me for her future recovery efforts, told how Amanda, who was in a treatment facility, was found unresponsive on her bed on May 9. Mark lata, A photographer and producer of the YouTube series, told E in a statement! News, “Until Amanda’s autopsy is over, we will not know what was the cause of her death on Sunday (5/9). We only know that she has denied drugs or dishonesty. We should next Need to know more in the week. “

Skid Row resident in Los Angeles, Amanda First share your story With the world in December 2019. She talked about her addiction to cracking cocaine as well as her experience of sex work. In one video, Amanda is visible with black eyes, and is unable to recall whether she had spoken with Mark before.

In April 2021, Soft white underbelly Shared a video of Amanda explaining that she is now receiving treatment with the help of Lima, who helped Organize and pay For his efforts to recover.

Amanda appeared hopeful about her future. “I want people to see that it takes time and effort,” she explained. “Staying calm and recovering are two different things. I’m recovering. I just want to take action and do things so that I can stay calm throughout my life.” In addition to drug addiction, she shared that she had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, which is one reason she wanted to remain calm.


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