Andrew Brown’s Family Says Justice Department Should Intervene In Police Shooting Case


Family of Andrew Brown Jr., Who was shot and killed on April 21 by Pascotank County, NC, sheriff’s representatives are calling on the US Department of Justice to join the case after a local prosecutor decided not to accuse officers in the shooting.

District Attorney Andrew Womble Announced on Tuesday (May 18) that officers who attempted to execute a search warrant on drug charges were “justified” in firing bullets at 42-year-old Brown, as he attempted to flee in his car. He put them in danger.

video footage Four body cameras worn by deputies show the moment shown by Womble when Brown, who was unarmed, was shot at her home in Elizabeth City, NC, saying Brown ignored her orders to stop Key and proceeded to drive towards the deputies to make the vehicle. Danger in their perception.

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But lawyers representing Brown’s family criticized Womble’s decision, saying Brown was never a threat to the authorities, and argued that he tried to get away from the deputy instead of trying to attack him was doing.

In a joint statement released late on Tuesday, the lawyers Ben crump, Goat seller, Harry daniels, And Chantel Cherry-Lassiter, Stressed that the Department of Justice should be involved.

“We demand that the court release the full video and the State Bureau of Investigation report which will help in some necessary daylight on the matter and bring justice to this family and this community,” the statement said. “Because we certainly have neither transparency nor justice today. We request that the Federal Department of Justice intervene immediately. “

Hours after Womble’s announcement, protesters took to the streets of Elizabeth City to express their disappointment about what another turn from justice meant to them for a black man killed by law enforcement.

“As expected, no charge for Andrew Brown,” the protesters shouted while marching in a peaceful protest, Local Station WAVY. According to. The community demanded that an independent prosecutor be appointed to investigate the case. The Womble decision came after the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation concluded its investigation.

“If it is viewed through the lens of the victim, who is Andrew Brown Jr. and his family – and does not justify the actions of the Sheriff’s duties – that it should go to a grand jury and let them decide that Whether it is or not. It needs to be in the courts, “protest organizer Keith Rivers Told the station.

The protesters told WAVY that they would launch an “economic protest” of Pasquotank County, with participants boycotting businesses there to pressure Womble to call a special prosecutor for the case, though he Reportedly refused to do.



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