Apr 15, 2021 Entertainment

Atlanta School Renamed After Hank Aaron Replacing Ku Klux Klan Leader’s Name | National

On Monday (April 12), the Atlanta Board of Education unanimously voted to rename an Atlanta alternative school to a Confederate Hank aaron; Instead, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Report.

The high school was named Forest Hill Academy, with the honor of the Confederate Army Lieutenant General. Nathan Bedford Forest. The people He was a founding member of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Hank Aaron New Beginning Academy will be renamed starting next school year. According to Wkrg, Are calling for the renaming of Forrest Hills Drive, the street where the school is located.

“Names matter,” board chairman Jason estaves Said during the vote.

“It is very important that we understand our history,” Agreed Board member Michelle Olympiadis during the meeting. “It is very important that we understand where we are coming from.”

In an unprecedented move, the school district ended its policy of waiting for five years, with one person naming a school according to them. The hill.

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Baseball Trailblazer Famously Smashed Babe Ruth’s Set a new record in 755, the most home-run career record in 1974. Barry Bonds bested Aaron’s record in 2007, lasting 33 years. Aaron, one of baseball’s most prevalent slaves, was also an influential figure during the civil rights movement.

The former Atlanta player died in January at the age of 86 due to natural causes. His body is laid to rest in Atlanta.

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