Balthazar Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Urgent Updates

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Balthazar is a French crime series and the latest procedural drama to premiere on Acorn TV for United States audiences. It has been one of the best French dramas and was included in the list of the top 10 highest rated shows in France. The narrative centers on a charming, intelligent and slightly strange forensic pathologist who has some paranormal abilities. He has an extraordinary talent that helps him speak to the souls of those who have died. He asks the ghosts of the people how they lost their lives and the reasons behind their deaths.

This talent proves to be of immense help when he decodes the toughest crime cases in France. Produced by Clothilde Jamin and Clelia Constantine, the show premiered to American audiences on Acorn TV in November 2019. Since the initial season performed well, the network released two more seasons at frequent intervals. The series has earned an amazing 7.6/10 stars on IMDb. The third iteration premiered on 8 February 2021. Now, fans are asking what Balthazar Season 4 is all about. So, let’s see what the showrunners have decided for the fourth season –

Balthazar Season 4 Release Date: Coming or not?

balthazar season 4 cast
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Acorn TV came out with Season 3 on 8th February 2020. It had 8 episodes in total. Now the question is of season 4. So far, no official information has come about canceling or renewing the fourth season. Since Season 3 premiered just a few months ago, it will take some more time for showrunners to finalize their decision for Balthazar Season 4.

If you consider our point of view, the creators would like to continue the series as it has done exceptionally well. Also, it is one of the most watched dramas on the channel. If Acorn TV places an official order to make Balthazar Season 4 in the coming few months, it could arrive by the fall of 2021.

What will be the plot of Balthazar Season 4?

balthazar season 4 cast
Image Credits – Acorn TV

The play introduces us to Raphael Balthazar, a brilliant, simple and intelligent forensic pathologist living in Paris. He knows how to get answers from corpses and therefore is the person to call if there is a mysterious and mysterious murder case in the city. However, he is abusive, mischievous, and spends his life in defiance of values ​​and protocol. Due to this nature, he usually finds himself in disputes with his fellow straight police officer Helen Bach in all complicated matters.

Balthazar, on the other hand, is usually confident and gives error-free results to fill in the blanks relating to the habits of the victims and their deaths. With the help of his sharp skills and modern technology, he finds proof that the police did not keep an eye on the accident site. Balthazar usually becomes so busy investigating victims’ pasts that he often starts talking to them while conducting their autopsies in the morgue. Concurrently, the corpses react to give him the answers he needs.

Although he flirts with Bach, somewhere he is sensitive and often remembers his dead spouse who was killed 13 years ago. He will be comforted if he gets a chance to talk to her privately in his imagination which includes admiring his aunt’s patio jam. While Lise mocks him (in his dream) and reprimands him for forgetting the pictures of crime scenes at the coffee desk. He recalls the time when he was used to watching Miss France drama with his wife which was very special for him.

Now, as he’s got some new clues, he’s on a mission to pick up the real killer. The play begins with Balthazar and Bach leaving behind as the two prepare to unravel the murder mystery of a public prosecutor and his wife, who were shot at their residence. Thankfully, his daughter survived the incident. Apart from this, there is a case of ruthless murder of a person whose half mug is uprooted.

Although they all say that the victim was among the respected people, Balthazar must find out why his corpse was buried far from his home and the answers to the many other questions that come to his mind. Next, Balthazar assists a woman at the multiplex who appears to be injured by a stabbing. But soon he learns that the blood on his body belongs to someone else. So, he returns and searches for another wounded man and understands that the two men suffered the attack.

Bach interrogates their guardians and learns that the pair were deeply in love. But they found evidence that indicated that the woman was going through depression. Balthazar Season 4 will feature a variety of murder cases that will be solved by the pairing of Balthazar and Bach.

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Who will be part of the cast of Balthazar Season 4?

balthazar season 4 cast
Image Credits – Acorn TV

Since Season 4 hasn’t been renewed yet, the network has left no clue about its cast. But we have seen in the last season that the whole drama revolves around Balthazar and Bach solving different kind of complicated cases together. So we don’t think he will be dropped from the series. He will continue to be a part of the show in future as well. reliable sources such as cinemaholic It is also indicating that they will be in the fourth phase.

Apart from him, other actors like Philippa Phoenix, Kome Levine and Yanig Samott can be seen in Balthazar Season 4. Chances are the showrunners will add some new stars in Season 4. If it does, we will definitely tell you their names. Those stars. So, till now the actors who can be seen on screen in the upcoming season are –

  • Tomar Sisley will play the role of Rafael Balthazar.
  • Philippa Phoenix will reprise her role as Fatim.
  • Comey Levine will be seen as Eddie.
  • Hélène de Fougerolles will portray the character of Hélène Bach.
  • Yanig Samot will portray the character of Jerome Delgado.
  • Pauline Cheviller will play Lise.
  • Aliocha Itovich will play his role as Antoine Bach.
  • Gabriel Caballero will reprise his role as Hugo Bach.
  • Aminth Audiard will be seen as Mann Bach.

How many episodes will Balthazar season 4 have?

In the third iteration, we have seen 8 episodes which include –

  • Episode 1: Paradis Paradu
  • Episode 2: Vendreddy 13
  • Episode 3: Dos au Muri
  • Episode 4: Contra Tus
  • Episode 5: Un autre monde
  • Episode 6: L’Enfantf
  • Episode 7: A La Folie
  • Episode 8: Noses Rouges

It is a bit difficult to estimate the number of episodes of Balthazar Season 4 as we do not find any symmetry in the number of episodes from the earlier premiere season. The fourth season is expected to have 6-10 episodes.

Balthazar Season 4 Trailer: When is it expected?

Since Balthazar Season 4 is yet to be renewed, we cannot guess the release date of the trailer. We’ll update you if Acorn TV has a fourth version upgrade in the coming months. Until then, you can watch the trailer for the third season uploaded above.

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