BET To Assemble All-Women R&B Supergroup For New Series ‘BET Presents The Encore’

BET To Assemble All-Women R&B Supergroup For New Series ‘BET Presents The Encore’

BET is set to bring together nine of the most memorable solo female artists and groups of the 1990s and 2000s to form the ultimate R&B supergroup in the new original series, The condition presents a repeat.

Those involved include Blake, Shamari Devo of Irish Grinstead And Lemisha Grinstead From 702, Nivia nasho And Felisha King Of cherish, Fallen king And Pamela Long forms the group complete, Aubrey O’Day From Danity Kane, And Keeley Williams Has signed a one-of-a-kind musical experiment to become 3LW’s next big music sensation.

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Talented singers turned wives, mothers and entrepreneurs, would move in together, write new music, learn choreography, record an album and perform a live performance. And they have to do this in only 30 days and none of them will know who their bandmates will be ahead of time.

Women must go beyond their music and personal comfort zones to succeed as a team. A respected roster of music industry experts will visit each week to prepare them for their big debut and to deliver chart-topping records including music producers. Cosine, Choreographer Aaliyah Janelle, Songwriter Eliza blake, And vocal coach Cinnamon.

BET presents the Encore premiere on Wednesday, June 9 at 10 pm EST / PST on BET and BET HAR.



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