Black Employee Fired After White Co-Worker Was Offended By The Term ‘Light Skin’


Protesters are gathering near a Detroit restaurant after a black employee was fired following a dispute over the use of the term “light skin”.

Detroit news Reports Christine Turner, who had been working at the Green Dot Stables restaurant for 10 days, said she commented to a black co-worker using the term. A white employee listened to what was said and joined the discussion, also using the term, but referring to himself.

Thereafter a debate started between Turner and another employee over who had the right to use the term. Turner tried to explain that “light skin” is a term used in the black community. Turner said, “I just blew it in laughter and thought of nothing else because I, myself, have light skin.”

But the next day, after being complained by the employee, he was fired for discrimination by a manager.

“They said, ‘Can’t you see how a white person would be offended?’ And I saw him dead on his face and said, ‘No,’ “Turner said pointing to his manager.

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He said News That she was reluctant to resist the shootings, but her boss at the place where she did another job, said that what happened to her was unfair and decided to take action. “When you’re black, you inadvertently try not to draw a race card,” she said.

With the help of two local activist groups, the Detroit Solidarity Movement and in any way necessary, she organized a demonstration outside the restaurant that involved about 30 people.

After the story went viral, Turner stated that the restaurant reached out to him for a meeting, but he refused when he said his lawyer could not be present.

Green Dot Stables spokeswoman Colleen Robar said in an emailed statement to The News: “We value our employees and their privacy. Our policy is not to share information about our personnel.”

The restaurant said its handbook specifies that racial jokes will not be tolerated and violations of the policy could result in termination.

WDIV by local stationOne protester said that Christine Turner does not want her job back but she apologizes.

Turner told the station, “Taking a policy to protect minorities and people of color and use it against a person of color because a white person was offended is a perfect example of white supremacy.”



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