Apr 14, 2021 Entertainment

Black Republican Announces Candidacy To Challenge Rev. Raphael Warnock in 2022 U.S. Senate Race

Georgia US Senator Rev. Rafael WarnockThose who were elected to their positions in January already have their first Republican challenger in the 2022 midterm election, poised to become a political battlefield after such a huge loss to the GOP in the 2020 vote.

Black republican Kelvin king, Was a strong supporter of the former President Donald Trump, And the owner of an Atlanta-area construction company announced his candidacy on Monday, stating that Warnock “represented divisive left-away representation” Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He said that Georgia would be a major front in regaining US Senate seats from Democrats, Which became the majority When Warnock and John osoff Were selected.

“Career politicians, corporations awakening, and the culture of cancellation have all the rights, while our families and small businesses are left to pay the price,” King said. “As the GOP, we have yet to decide if we should be knocked out or knocked down.”

In the announcement video of his campaign, The king hints at why he is deciding to start his candidacy so soon. “I know what you’re thinking. Republicans? In Georgia? Don’t they just elect two liberal senators,” King said. “Yes, that’s why we had to work.”

The announcement came weeks after Senate Bill 202 was passed by Georgia state legislators, which was vehemently attacked by critics Attempt to limit voting rights In the state. Brian Kemp signed the bill into law last month.

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King is one of a group of Republicans who target Warnock’s seat for a full six-year term. Others, including A.J.C. Latham Sadler, A former White House partner, filed paperwork for candidacy; Doug Collins, But lost in 2020; the former Sen kelly lofler, Who also lost to Warnock in the January runoff; And possibly Georgia State Attorney General Chris carr Trumps are also encouraging Herchel walker, Another longtime supporter to run for Warnock’s Senate seat.

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