Charleston Church Massacre Killer Dylann Roof Seeking To Overturn His Death Sentence


Dylan Roof, a man convicted of the racist murders of nine members of the Black South Carolina Congregation, is appealing his sentence and death sentence, Saying that they should be reversed.

According to The Associated Press, An oral debate in the appellate case is scheduled for Tuesday (May 25) before a three-judge panel of the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals located in Richmond, VA.

Roof became the first person in the United States to receive the death penalty in 2017 for a federal hate crime. In 2015, he was arrested for setting fire to Mother Emanuel AME Church of Charleston during the closing prayer of a Bible study session. He was 21 at the time.

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Roof’s lawyers argued briefly that an appellate court should vacate his sentence and death sentence or refer his case to the court for a “proper merit assessment”.

“The federal trial that resulted in his death penalty was needed when the government asks for a final price that cannot be confirmed,” he wrote, arguing that his self-deprecation in court was a result of mental illness , Which barred him from being appointed an effective lawyer.

Before his trial and once before his sentencing phase, US District Judge Richard Gergel held a merit hearing to determine if Roof could act as his own attorney.

During the sentencing, according to his appellate attorney, Roof successfully prevented jurors from hearing mitigating evidence about his mental health, “under the illusion that he would be spared prison by white-nationalists – but only, oddly , If he excluded his mental impairments. Of public records. “

For killing nine people at Mother Emanuel AME, Roof was sentenced to nine consecutive life imprisonment after his federal trial pleaded guilty in 2017 to state murder charges.

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