Checking In on The O.C. Cast After Mischa Barton’s Revelations

Checking In on The O.C. Cast After Mischa Barton's Revelations

It’s been 15 years since fans said goodbye to Marissa Cooper Oc

Character played by Misha Barton, Was killed in the season 2000 finale of the early 2000s series. Barton didn’t really talk about exiting the show. But recently in an interview with E! News, the 35-year-old actress addressed her departure.

Barton said the conversation about his departure Oc After “Started Too Early” Rachel Bilson Regularly joined as a series, “Everybody’s Pay in the Evening.” She also cited “general bullying” from men, which she refused to recognize by name.

“There were people on that set that meant a lot to me,” she later said. “It was not like the most ideal environment for a young, sensitive girl, who has also been thrust into stardom.”

It was halfway through season two – when the cast and crew “started doubling up on episodes and shoots [became] So tough “- Barton knew she couldn’t continue.


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