Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Sued For Only Granting Interviews To Journalists Of Color On Her Two-Year Anniversary In Office


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is being sued by a white reporter for interviewing reporters only on the two-year anniversary of her holding office.

According to Local Station WFLD, Thomas Katenacki, a reporter for the right-wing news site The Daily Caller, claims that Lightfoot is in violation of his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

Daily caller Is co-founded by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“It is wrong to stop journalists from doing their work in such a discriminatory manner and is harmful to our readers who come from all backgrounds,” Catenacki said in a Statement. “Every journalist and every person who consumes news should be concerned with Mayor Lightfoot’s actions. It affects everyone. I am eager to hold the mayor accountable.”

On May 27, Catenacius Civil rights lawsuit filed Mayor Lightfoot went unanswered after three interview requests.

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Lightfoot on 21 May In a letter to media outlets in the Chicago area said That she “has been affected by the excessive whiteness and malfeasance of Chicago media outlets, editorial boards, political press corps, and yes, the City Hall Press Corps,” and noted that she does not see any women of color covering City Hall .

Lightfoot challenged the Chicago media community to appoint more people of color, especially women.

He wrote, “This is a very heavy burden … White, mostly the male members of the news media have to labor to educate them about the dangers and complexities of inherent prejudice.” “It’s not my job. It shouldn’t be.”

Although Lightfoot said it was a one-time affair to shed light on a problem, it immediately received criticism from the media community and those around it, who say politicians should not choose who covers them.

“We’re talking about someone trying to shed light on historical inequalities, and that’s a commendable goal. Still, it’s a slippery slope to allow politicians to determine coverage that way, “Charles Whitaker, dean of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism Told CBS Chicago.

Not necessarily supporting the Lightfoot decision, the National Association of Black Journalists, whose mission has long been advocating for newsroom diversity, issued a statement saying it understood the message it was trying to convey was.

“I hope the managers of the news rooms, big and small, will get the message. NABJ President Dorothy Tucker stated that political units must incorporate different perspectives and life experiences in order to pursue different stories. In a tweet.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has not commented on the recent lawsuit.

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