Chris Bryant's Partner: Who is the British Politician Dating in 2021?

Dec 06, 2021 Entertainment

Chris Bryant’s Partner: Who is the British Politician Dating in 2021?

Christopher John Bryant is a British politician who serves as a Member of Parliament of the UK. Who is Kris Bryant’s partner? His followers have shown significant interest not only in his profession but also in his personal life. With a brief introduction, Kris Bryant has held various positions, including Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, Under Secretary of State for Europe and Asia, Under Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, etc. In addition to serving everyone in these prestigious positions, Kris Bryant also authored several books, most of them on politics.

Kris Bryant has always been quite vocal about her interest in men. This resulted in a huge curiosity among his fans and followers. They have done civil partnership in 2010 but with whom? Who has stolen his heart? What does his partner do for a living? Is he from the same professional field as his partner? If you want to know more about Kris Bryant, then go ahead and check out this article.

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Kris Bryant career: A peek into his professional life

Kris Bryant (originally known as Christopher John Bryant) was born on 11 January 1962 in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Based on his year of birth, he is currently 59 years old. For education, he attended Mansfield College. After that, he received further education at Ripon College Caddesdon and Cheltenham College.

Kris Bryant is an English politician. He has been serving as one of the members of the UK Parliament since 7 June 2001. Prior to this, he has served as Deputy Leader of the House of Commons From 5 October 2008 to 9 June 2009. Thereafter, he served as Under Secretary of State for Europe and Asia From 13 October 2009 to 11 May 2010. In addition, he served in Committees on Standards and Privileges From 31 October 2017 to 6 November 2019. Apart from these, Chris has also worked as Under Secretary of State for Foreign and General Wealth Affairs From 2009 to 20109-2010. Don’t forget to mention your decision in the shadow cabinet first. Now, it is not known whether Kris Bryant wants to return to serve in the Shadow Cabinet.

Kris Bryant Partner
Kris Bryant is a high-profile British politician.

Apart from serving in such prestigious positions, Kris Bryant has also authored several books. He has shown his interest in politics in his writings. Some of his books are- Parliament: The Biography (2014), The Glamor Boys: The Secret Story of the Rebels Who Fight for Britain to Defeat Hilter. If you want to read these books, you can buy them from the Amazon application.

He is very active on Twitter, having more than 86k followers as of 2021. With the picture below, you can see how popular, respected, iconic Kris Bryant is.

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Kris Bryant Partner: Relationship Status

Talking about Kris Bryant’s partner, from the very beginning, he has been vocal about his personal life. In 2010, he entered into a civil partnership with someone very special in his life. he is Jared Cranny. At present, both are married to each other. The couple seems to be living a blissful and happy married life. They have been married for 11 years, and we wish their lovely relationship a long life. The couple now resides in Porth, Ronda.

Kris Bryant Partner
Jared Cranny and Kris Bryant

Talking about the identity of his partner, Jared Cranney is working as a Company Secretary in Hyve Group plc. He attended Ashton University from where he earned a degree in business administration. Later, Jared attended London Metropolitan University and earned a Diploma in Accounting and Finance. Like his fellow Chris Bryant, he is well educated. Nothing else is known about Jared. Also his age is believed to be between 40-50. In an interview, Chris shared how supportive and understanding Jared is towards her. She also said that she is blessed to have him as her husband in her life. In short, they make a good pair. They make a lovely cute couple. Wishing both of them lots of love for the upcoming days of their lives.

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