Jul 23, 2021 Entertainment

Chris Sails Has Heart-To-Heart With Fans, Apologizes To Ex-Wife Queen Naija

things have been rocky between the singer Chris Sales and his former wife queen nize especially since her current husband, Clarence White came into the picture. Both have taken to social media to air their grievances with each other, but one party is trying to leave the past behind.

released a video through them Youtube channel, SAIL narrates his past actions and explains why he made videos referencing Naija in the past. Keeping it clear, SAIL said that the reason behind the video was that he did not have much money.

“I felt as though God had put me on this earth to help,” he said, explaining that in an effort to help his family and friends financially, he no longer had enough money to support himself. Is. He continued to announce his new YouTube approach as a means of increasing his income.

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Sell ​​claimed that videos about him weren’t going to be a hit, but once he posted a video mentioning his ex, it could have earned him up to $5,000. Money was his motivation, Sell said, so he decided to use Naija as a clickbait, but it was not intended to cause problems in his current relationship.

“I would never break a happy home,” Sales said in his latest YouTube video.

pal and queen argued before On the graduation of his son CJ due to not being invited to Cell. Now, it seems that all the water under the bridge is finally there.


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