Christy Carlson Romano Reveals She "Lost" Princess Diaries Role

Sep 16, 2021 Entertainment

Christy Carlson Romano Reveals She “Lost” Princess Diaries Role

One reason Christie believes she had a real shot at playing Mia Thermopolis is because she and Anne had actually met before, while auditioning for another role. When she was 14, Christie auditioned for a Broadway show the parade, and she met Anne in the waiting room and saw that they looked alike. She admits that they both have “very similar smiles”, big brown eyes and a singing voice.

“I did my best, my best audition in that room,” Christie recalled. Of course, she was cast as Mary Fagan over Anne.

Although she has competed for similar roles, Christie had nothing but good things to do. Les Miserables Star.

“She’s an amazing actress, obviously,” she said. “She’s a very nice girl… I’ve had a few conversations with her that are all positive.”

In fact, she soon ran into Annie. princess diary Casting. Christie said it was Eric Von DaytonBirthday party in Malibu: “Anne was there. I said, ‘Hello? How are you? I met you in New York. I think you’re great.’ She was so sweet, but it was a very brief moment and the film hadn’t come out yet.”

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