Courtney Love Slams Pam & Tommy Miniseries and Lily James

Courtney Love Slams Pam & Tommy Miniseries and Lily James

Courtney Love Expressing his distance to the upcoming Hulu miniseries about his friend, did not back down Pamela Anderson And ex husband Tommy lee.

Palm and tommy, Which is currently filming, features British actresses Lily james Disney’s. From Cinderella In form of Baywatch Alum and Marvel Star Sebastian Stein In the form of a rocker. Hulu miniseries depicts the pair’s wedding and the release of their infamously stolen sex tape, the first viral video they shot privately on their 1995 honeymoon.

“I find it very f – king outrageous,” Courtney wrote Facebook On Sunday, 16 May. “When Pam / Tommy sex tape was out / myself @pattyschemel @xmadmx were making a record. And single women in several recording studios in LA. Where all / all! Staff engineer / producer / owner / sex tape was massively scadenfraud Was watching with. .. Caves, it was disgusting. I banned anyone discussing it. It destroyed the life of my friend Pamelas. Totally. “

Rocker, who geotagged his location, “Disgusting Behavior Headquarters,” continued, “Last week I was asked to approve the use of my / shot’s Rolling Stone cover by Mark Seliger in this piece of St.” They had approved. I said ‘not F-K.’ Shocked. Sajjan does not approve of such a thing. My heart goes to Pammi’s… causing further complex trauma to her. And shame on Lily James for whatever f-k she is. #New . “


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