Oct 09, 2021 Entertainment

‘Dear White People’ Producer Draws Backlash After Dave Chappelle Comments | Celebrities

Dave Chappelle’s The recent comedy special for Netflix has sparked a lot of backlash on jokes about LGBTQ people, especially transgender people. In an unexpected twist, Backlash is now drawing backlash on its own.

Jacqueline Moore — a trans woman and lead producer of another Netflix series, dear blondes — the day after Chappelle’s special was dropped on stage Twitter made waves, announcing that she would boycott the platform in protest of Netflix’s support for Chappelle. But Moore almost immediately resented when people found out he was white.

“Tap a microphone. After the Chappelle Special, I can’t do it anymore. I won’t work for @netflix Again as long as they keep promoting and profiting from dangerous transphobic content,” Moore posted on Instagram, along with screenshots of her tweets calling for Chappelle and Netflix to be anti-trans:

While many celebrated Moore’s decision to take a stand, others are pointing out the irony of a white man showing a Black show and then protesting a Black comedian:

In response to the outrage that Dear White People appears to have been led by a white creative, Moore retweeted it, clarifying his role on the series. “I was hired by Justin Simien to write on Dear White People prior to season one. After season 3 I was promoted by Justin to run the show with him for season 4. I was the only white writer on the show. ,” She wrote.

netflix canceled dear blondes A year ago, announcing that its fifth season would be the last. The fifth season of the series premiered on 22 September.


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