Detroit Woman Gets Expensive Ticket For Talking Too Loud On Sidewalk | National


In Detroit, a woman received a fine for speaking out loud on her cellphone.

Diamond robinson She says that while walking up and down a street in Eastpointe, Michigan, one of her neighbors approached her and asked if she could “talk less” or get off the device, FOX2.

“One of those things she said,” Robinson recalled speaking with television news outlets. “And I said ‘Get out of my face,’ and I proceeded to follow her. Whatever she is saying, she says, three minutes later, Eastpoint police pull up.”

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That’s when Robinson started to record Facebook Live to see what was going on.

“I’m not doing anything wrong by walking up and down the street talking on my phone,” Robinson said in the recorded video.

Police later issued him a ticket for being a “public nuisance” and fined Robinson $ 385.

“There’s no way the police shouldn’t call me when I’m on my property, in my neighborhood, on my block,” she said. FOX2.

Robinson says that because of this incident he has installed security cameras outside his house. She also told the news station that she plans to fight for the ticket and has a message for her neighbor.

“Leave me alone, what is going on, are you upset? What did I do to you?” Robinson said.

He said: “Many of these things are being pushed under the carpet and they don’t need to. We can sit here all day and we can chant, we can riot, and we can do all those things Can (but) that if you don’t speak at that time, then no change is going to happen. “



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