Aug 06, 2021 Entertainment

Diddy Advice To The LOX, Cam’ron Negotiating Their Prices and More

If Tuesday (August 3) Versuz performance Anything between The Locks and the Dipsetts showed us, is that Yonkers should not have played with the team, as they were overwhelmingly declared winners.

During a recent interview with Shed45’s Self, The Lox Sheikh Loch Pulled back the curtain and revealed some of the behind the scenes that went on in the legendary night.

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An obvious fallacy is that they rehearsed by self explaining that the trio took real time for their performances. “

A bombshell that some might not have expected, however, it was Didi, who has them alien relationship , persuaded him to incorporate his own freestyle, which some say was the difference maker.

“Yo honestly Puff called us, ‘Yo, dog. Do this freestyle,'” Louch said. “Puff gave us the name of the day and it was like ‘You all come from an era when you all freestyle Some are bigger than songs. … they basically told us to remain ours.”

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Tensions between the two groups were thick even before the Verzuz War, with both going on back and forth on instagram, and there were moments on stage where you could see it growing at any moment, but Sheik explained that The Lox and Dipsett are family and it’s Cameron who helps negotiate a fair contract for everyone involved.

“Cam was very impressive – he wasn’t going for a certain price, he was on his shit,” Loch explained. “He was like ‘I need this amount, LOX needs this amount.’ He was on some shit like the whole Verzuz crap. He was on some crazy business crap.” And while there was a sense of competition on stage, Loch said that during the conversation, Cam was “for both sides.”

If you missed it, watch the full fight below and watch on LOX and dipset Travel.

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