Apr 23, 2021 Entertainment

Digital Underground’s Shock G Dead At 57: Report. | Music

Digital underground The rapper Shock Ji He has reportedly died at the age of 57, several sources report.

Co-founder of Digital Underground Chopmaster Jay First broke the news on Instagram on Thursday evening (April 22).

“About 34 years ago the day we had a wild idea that we could be a hip hop band and take the world to it that all dreams became a reality and reality became a nightmare for some,” J. Captioned below a photo. Two of them decades ago. “And now he is living up to the fame G aka Humpty Hump and rest in peace my brotha Greg Jacobs !!! #digitalunderground.”

TMZ Reports her dad, Edward racker, Shock – born Greg Jacobs – was found dead in a hotel room in Tampa on Thursday.

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The cause of death has not yet been released.

Shock was a rapper and keyboardist for G Digital Underground, a leading hip hop group responsible for a number of influential singles, including the group’s blatant hit “The Humpty Dance”. He was also known as his arrogant Humpty hemp.

Additionally, G was very influential Of tupac As a rap career, he introduced the West Coast rapper to the world on the group’s 1990 track “Same Song”. She became the PAC’s success single “I Get Around” and Me against the world “So many tears.”

Also worked with artists such as Shock ji Prince, Moni Love, dr. Dre, Money B, Raw Fusion, Looney’s, Mac Mall, Murs, KRS-One even more.


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