Dr. Dubrow's New Botched Surgery Is Not for the Faint of Heart

Jun 16, 2021 Entertainment

Dr. Dubrow’s New Botched Surgery Is Not for the Faint of Heart

ready to put the past behind him…but it’s a full court press for him fail doctor!

In tonight’s episode of June 15, Dr. Paul Nassif and terry dubrow treatment takema, a patient who was left with a dented derriere the size of a basketball after getting a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift in Mexico. “I feel like I’m pulling a trailer behind me,” Takeima said of her big buttock implant.

There was so much wrong with him that Takema’s friends called his cheeks “dunk’um, because they look like disparate pairs of giant basketballs.”

Takema hoped that Dr. Dubrow could replace his booty implants with fat from his thighs or arms, but Dubrow was adamant that there was another option. “The problem is you have this huge pocket,” he noted during the consultation. “You can’t just put fat in the pocket.”

Instead, Dubrow suggests removing the implant, remodeling Takema’s bottom by squeezing the fat down and tightening the skin with a buttock lift. “We do the best we can to know that this can be really frustrating,” he warned.