Dunkin’ Customer Dies After Being Knocked Out By Employee Who Claims He Hurled Racial Slur | National


Corey Pujols He is allegedly facing murder charges after beating a 77-year-old man, which led to his death.

Investigators say the 27-year-old Dunkin ‘manager had a dispute with the man, whose name was not released, when he complained about a drive-through window service at the Tampa, Florida, location.

According to Fox 13Court records show that he parked his car and went inside the coffee shop. Pujols says he punched the customer because he repeatedly abused them during the ensuing debate. The report states that the man fell and suffered injuries to his head and later died during the alleged attack.

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Pujol is accused of killing a person over 65 years of age.

According to FOX13, prosecutors have since allowed her to post a $ 15,000 bond.

Despite the increased murder charge against Pujol, Multiple crowdfunding efforts In view of America’s history of racism, his support has come to the fore. Everything from the details of the campaigns has been relayed, from solidarity with her to efforts to raise money to help pay her legal fees.

Pujol’s employment status in the Dunkin ‘Donuts franchise was unknown at the time of the report.



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