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‘F*ck Around And Find Out’: LeVar Burton Blasts Rude Journalist Over ‘Jeopardy!’ Tweets | Celebrities

earlier this week, levar burton announced that it was removing its name from the cap of potential candidates for hosting Danger! After controversial comments the show’s executive producer Mike Richards was forced to resign from the job. Many people believe the gig should go east rainbow reading The host, who was a guest host on the show earlier this year and before White’s announcement, openly expressed his interest in the job.

However, Los Angeles Times Journalist Steve Battaglio It looks like Burton’s latest statement about pulling himself out of the race was fraudulent. Battaglio speculates on Twitter that, if Burton was offered Danger! Hosting the job, he’ll take it “in a heartbeat.”

Although Burton was not tagged Bataglio’s tweet, he found it anyway and issued a direct response:

In his reply to Burton, Battaglio quickly backtracked, tweeting: “Okay! I believe in you. I hope you do something huge very soon. Sorry everyone.” Battaglio then advised everyone watching the exchange to “move on”, to which Burton replied: Not so fast.

“No, Stephen… you don’t get a pass,” Burton tweeted. “You made false assumptions about me and made them public. Throughout this trial I’ve tried my best to go the high street despite the high amounts of vitriol and bile some people have deemed necessary to post on my timeline. “

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After another journalist Stacy D. CremePosting the back and forth between Burton and Battaglio on social media, the Emmy-winning actor shared a hilarious reaction:

Additionally, Burton said that he had “perspective” on the whole ordeal that he was choosing to keep quiet for now and that it might all come up in a future memoir. One thing is certain though: He’s not going to be the next permanent host. Danger!.

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