Sep 30, 2021 Entertainment

Fighting HIV With AntiRetroviral Therapy Has Become A Game Changer For Many

Anyone living with HIV knows that there are specific classes of drugs that doctors can prescribe specifically to combat the virus. These drugs, known as antiretroviral therapy, will not cure the infection, but will target the HIV virus in your body and work to prevent it from repeating. When more than one drug or drugs are given to a patient, it is known as Combination antiretroviral therapy.

Currently, there are many different classes of drugs used to treat HIV, and more classes of treatments are in development. Because the virus is smart and can mutate into making some treatments ineffective, new drugs are constantly being created to beat this deadly virus and provide life-changing options for infected patients.

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Typically, HIV patients can expect to be prescribed two to three classes of drugs together to fight and reduce the virus in the body. With the many treatment methods available today, doctors can work with you to customize the treatment that works for you. The most important thing to remember is that HIV is manageable and with a proper health care plan, you can lead a normal and happy life.

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