Lily James Rocks Pamela Anderson's Baywatch Suit in New Photo

Aug 03, 2021 Entertainment

Find Out How Long It Took to Transform Lily James Into Pamela Anderson

It takes a lot of time and effort to convert Pamela Anderson.

Lily James it knows directly Barry Lee Mo, Hulu’s . head of the children’s department Pam and Tommy miniseries, recently revealed how long it took Downton Abbey to become an alum Baywatch Star. in an interview with Diversity, Barry admits it will take hours To turn Lily into Pamela.

“Every morning before three to five hours of hair and makeup, we even started filming,” the hairstylist said of working with Lily on the much-anticipated series.

It’s too easy to believe because Lily’s transformation into Pamela practically broke the internet in May. Actually, Mama Mia! here we go again The star was quite unrecognizable in leather pants, black crop top and bleach blonde. Lily’s co-stars Sebastian Stan His fans were screaming for more as soon as he became tommy leeTwins in promotional photos.

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