Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade On How Their New Children’s Book Makes ‘Shade’ A Superpower


Gabrielle Union And Dwayne Wade’s new children’s book Shady kid Dropped this week and it is inspired by their 2-year-old baby girl Kavia James.

In an interview with E! News’ Daily Pope, Wade recounted how Kavia’s hilarious facial expressions made her realize that there was a story, “When she came into the world it was very clear, and we all felt it was a little weird, having such a small child Due to facial expressions and using their eyes. But then we realized where it came from: it was a reaction from other people. “

Kavia’s facial expressions are so popular, she has 1.7 million followers instagram.

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Shady kid Follows a young child, who after a long morning of being “fabulous”, walks into the park for a leisurely play session. There, she sees that some “not good” children are raising others and takes it upon themselves to teach them how to be good.

The book also “transforms the shadow into your superpower.”

Union explained, “Shed is just acknowledging that something bad is happening or that something is not going so well, and while a little black girl can help lead those reforms and use her voice, So let’s do this.

This is not the first children’s book of the association. The actress wrote Welcome to the Party, “a festive and universal love letter from parents to the younger”, published in May 2020 by Harper Collins.

pick up Shady kid Today.



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