George Floyd’s Family Members Meet With Biden Administration, Call for Passage of Police Reform Bill


Members of George Floyd’s Meeting with family President Bush And Vice President Harish On Tuesday (May 25), the one-year anniversary of his death at the hands of a Minneapolis policeman shook the nation and set his eyes on police brutality.

The family met Biden for nearly an hour and while praising the administration for his support, he continued to call for the passing of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act focused on police reform and accountability.

Floyd’s brother said, “When we have a chance, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet them.” Philonis, Who also commented on why the bill should be passed. “Here’s the thing: If you can make a federal law to protect the bird, which is a bald eagle, you can make a federal law to protect people of color.”

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Video: George Floyd’s brother Terence Floyd speaks

Biden reiterated his promise to insist on passing legislation that has gone through the House and which the family has strongly advocated, but also that the Senate is clearly stalled.

“Congress continues to negotiate the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. I strongly support the legislation that passed the House, and I applaud the good efforts of Democrats and Republicans to pass a meaningful bill from the Senate. It I hope they get a bill on my desk quickly, ”Biden told reporters.

The Floyd family met with Biden after meeting with Democrat, House Speaker Nancy Pelosic And Representative Karen BassoWho are playing a leading role in getting this bill passed.

“We will work till the work is done. It will be passed in a bipartisan manner. And so it is a commitment that we are making, [that] I am personally creating for the family, ”said Bass.

Biden set a deadline to pass the bill on Floyd’s death and his nephew’s death anniversary. Brandon Williams, Said Biden “is not happy with the deadline not being met.” CBS News reports. But he said that instead of hurrying, he would have a full, comprehensive job.

After meeting at the White House, family members went back to Capitol Hill to meet Democratic Sen kori booker And republican Sen tim scott, Who is leading the police reform talks in the Senate.

Bass, Booker and Scott said in a joint statement on Monday that they continue to progress towards an agreement and remain optimistic about the prospects of achieving that goal, “according to CBS News.



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