Oct 17, 2021 Entertainment

Get The Party Started With TIDAL’s Newly Released HBCU Homecoming Playlists

It’s that time of year when alumni from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) gather for Homecoming – a week-long celebration of the Black college experience.

On and off campus, there seem to be nonstop reunions at events that include cookouts, marching bands, concerts, fashion shows and, of course, fierce parties where old friends jam to the popular music of their college years. It is also a celebration of black culture and excellence.

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But in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic Forced to cancel HBCUs Traditional homecomings, as many of them are based on virtual experiences. Schools are taking different approaches this year for a safe homecoming, as the country emerges from the pandemic.

This year, Morehouse College Canceled Homecoming Fest which were scheduled for the week of October 10 and Howard University, the administration has Hybrid homecoming planned This year, is scheduled for October 16-24 which will have both in-person and virtual events.

So to keep the spirit of HBCU Homecoming alive, the digital streaming service High tide Recently released playlists for all the festivals. Global music streaming platform says HBCU Homecoming HBCU has a centralized center dedicated to music, culture and collegiate experiences.

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There are eleven different playlists on the Hub page giving a varied choice of spirited topics to go with the Black College homecoming celebration. They included a 34-track “HBCU Anthem” catalog featuring yung woons “tear it up”; shawty lo’s “they know”; And Rosco Dash And Soulja Boys “All the Ways Turn Up.”

There is also a “Black Excellence” list, with hits such as “Entrepreneur”. farelli And jay zee, “Grinding All My Life,” by nipsey hustle, and “Mo Money Mo Problems,” by Very large

If you’re in a BGLO (Black Greek-Lettered Organization), there’s a list of songs for you, along with songs like the “Divine Nine” fraternity and witchcraft. Kanye West’s “school spirit”; Public Enemy’s Classic “raise the roof”; and from “Brunch on Sunday” snuff’ Acclaimed new album King’s Disease II.

Whether in small gatherings or large campus events, music brings people together. TIDAL’s Homecoming playlist is broken down into several categories and includes everything from Stroll & Step Songs and The Divine 9 to Black Excellence and 1980s Black College Jams.

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go to tidal HBCU Homecoming Playlist To explore its offerings.