Sep 30, 2021 Entertainment

Here’s How To Keep Your HIV Treatment Active After A Job Change Or Insurance Loss

“HIV is one of those diseases that doesn’t matter whether you have health insurance or not,” says HIV internist and assistant professor. Dr. Stella Sappho Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. “It needs to be treated, and it needs to be treated every month.”

If you’ve experienced a recent job loss and subsequent loss of your health insurance and are concerned about how you’ll continue your treatment, Sappho says help is available.

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Local health programs now offer free or low-cost treatment to those in need. These programs were created to ensure that patients living with HIV do not experience complete discontinuation of their medications while undergoing treatment or having a life-changing event. Patients should reduce their fear and share their statuses with your doctor or case worker. Doing so can provide the vital support needed to maintain healing. A stroke doesn’t have to stop your care—help is available to you.

To learn more, see “Continuing HIV Treatment When Changing Jobs or Losing Insurance” below.