Sep 30, 2021 Entertainment

Here’s How To Tell If Your HIV Medication Is Doing Its Job

If you are HIV+, you essentially won’t be able to feel the virus in your body until your viral load is so high that you develop an infection that results in full-blown AIDS. In that same instance, you may not even be able to tell whether your prescribed treatment regimen is actually working to fight HIV in your body. The only way to truly know is to visit your doctor regularly who can test your blood regularly to detect viral load levels.

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When medication isn’t working as effectively, HIV+ patients usually feel some tiredness or fatigue, but regular blood tests — think every three months — will indicate whether your viral load is too high or too low. and how well your immune system is working. It will eventually take you and your doctor to put together the right treatment plan to get you back on track.

To learn more, see “How to know if your HIV medicine is working” below.

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