Here’s Proof Nick Jonas Is One of Hollywood’s Most Fashionable Men

Here's Proof Nick Jonas Is One of Hollywood’s Most Fashionable Men

never underestimate Nick Jonas‘Eye for style.

Whether performing onstage or coaching for thousands of screaming fans and for up-and-coming musicians sound, Were Jonas Brothers The member has a definite eye for style that cannot be ignored. But perhaps the moment where he really shines in the fashion department is when he steps on the red carpet.

From New York’s annual Met Gala to Hollywood’s star-studded movie premiere, Nick has consistently garnered the attention of fans and critics alike. In fact, it’s safe to say that boys are taking style notes, while girls want their man to dress in the same way That.

So, what makes Nick a fashion force in Hollywood? It helps to have a talented team including stylists Evo Yirmagyan And groomer Marissa Machado. But perhaps the most credit has to be given to the man himself. As evo said The people, “He can wear track suits with as much swagger as he wears a tuxedo.”

As Nick prepares to host the 2021 Billboard Music Awards this weekend, fans can possibly expect multiple looks from the 28-year-old singer. And while Nick and his team are tight-lipped on what to expect, the past is a clear indication that things will soon be “burnin ‘up”.


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