‘How High 3’ To Be First Film From Method Man’s Production Company


Method Man has officially started his own production company and his first project will be a comedy sequel How high 3.

Variety Notably Six AM reports, an entertainment company was formed with their manager Shauna Gar. The outlet reports Six AM “” will aim to produce a wide variety of content for an untold approach to audiences of all ages. “

How high 3, Which was recently sold to Universal 1440, would be the first on their list of ingredients and reunited with long-time collaborator Redman.

Gar produced How high Film franchise. She also produces Method Man’s podcast series for Marvel, Marvel / Method, which premiered exclusively in November of 2020 on the SeriousXM app.

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How high The series has a lucrative branding venture for Method Man and Redman, as they had their first collaboration on the classic song “How High” in 1995. suitable title How high The film was released in 2001, How high 2 Fall in 2019. Their Verzuz battle took place on 20 April, Is widely regarded as a marijuana movement holiday.



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