Aug 07, 2021 Entertainment

‘I Loved That Boy So Much’: Comedian Tony Baker Opens Up About Son’s Tragic Death | Celebrities

comedian Tony Baker’s Son serene and two others died earlier this week Police say the car they were in was hit when two other vehicles were involved in an apparent road race.

Now, Baker is speaking about her tragic loss via Instagram and says that her “Heart is absolutely broken” At the sudden passing of Serene.

“Me and my family are overwhelmed by the love and care from friends, fans and complete strangers,” he partially captioned the post. “I feel the love. I text messages and see some DMs and just want to let you all know it’s appreciated.”

Baker added in the picture portion of the post that he would continue on “Crackin’ Jokes.”

Connected: Comedian Tony Baker’s son dies in street racing crash

according to a Press release, At approximately 11:50 a.m. PST in Burbank, California, on August 3, police were called to the scene after four people were “ejected” from a silver Volkswagen. The vehicle was hit by two other cars in what appeared to be street racing. Serene Baker was at Volkswagen.

People The victim of the report was Baker, 21, jaden johnson, 20, Natalie Moghaddam, 19, and another person, who could not be identified.

Burbank Police Department Sgt. Emile Brimway “In my 19-year career, I have personally never seen anything like this. Not for a rubble of this magnitude and of this level in a block span of two cities,” it said in a statement.

knbc Reports that “the cameras prove” a KIA and Mercedes were racing in the 35 mph zone. Serene was reportedly a passenger at a Volkswagen when he was hit by racing cars.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner reported that Serene, Johnson and Moghaddam died accidentally from “multiple blunt force injuries.” Police say the fourth occupant was “seriously injured”, and was taken to a local trauma center.

Police say that no case has been registered, but the matter is being investigated.