Inside Drake’s Star-Studded 2021 Billboard Music Awards After-Party

Inside Drake's Star-Studded 2021 Billboard Music Awards After-Party

After the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, it was time for Champagne Papi to pop champagne – and he certainly did.

On Sunday 23 May, fly Celebrating the last ten years of his chart-topping music, he was honored with the prestigious Artist of the Decade award. With his new title, the 34-year-old rapper left for a night out on the town. According to a source, he dined for the first time at The Nice Guy, a Los Angeles celebrity hot spot before moving to Sophie Stadium, which was the setting for his grand party.

“They rented the entire stadium for the night,” the source said. “The stadium has a huge banner with his name and ‘artist of the decade’ on it.”

In addition to the guest list adorned with stars –Chris Brown, DJ Khalid, Doja kato, Weekend And SZA Everyone was expected to attend — the stadium was ready for a big celebration in Drake’s honor.

“Huge champagne towers have been installed throughout the stadium and many times,” the source said. “Drake also has cute album books depicting his favorite moments through his career set up around the stadium.”


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