Mare of Easttown Finale Reveals the True Killer

Sep 20, 2021 Entertainment

Is Mare of Easttown Getting a Season 2? Kate Winslet Says…

Are we getting more mares?

Fans are asking the same question easttown mare Won big at the 2021 Emmys on Sunday, September 19. In fact, the stars Kate Winslethandjob Julian Nicholson And Evan Peters Everyone took home trophies for their roles in the HBO Max series—a good sign that audiences want the crime thriller back on their screens. However, it looks like season two hasn’t been officially confirmed, at least, not yet.

“I honestly don’t have a clear answer,” Winslet, who portrays Detective Mare Sheehan, told E! News. News after her Emmy win. “I mean, there’s been a conversation about it, of course, because the success of the show really shocked us all. And then somehow it became a cultural moment, this spirited moment that got people’s attention really remarkable. way drawn.”

Although nothing is official at this time, Winslet Is thinking about Mare’s next steps. “But I think until the scripts are in place, we can really answer and know what the full story of season two might be,” she said, “and also where the mare goes “

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