Issa Rae & Yvonne Orji’s Greatest Real-Life Friendship Moments

Issa Rae & Yvonne Orji's Greatest Real-Life Friendship Moments

It’s no secret that his characters differed during season four of the HBO series, and Yvonne also admitted that she is ready for Molly to move on from the drama.

He shared with E! News, “Man, I told Issa at the end of the season, ‘Can you ever do that again?’ Because I missed you. We didn’t really have all the scenes we had together, because Condola [Christina Elmore] Aspect and then we were fighting. “

So what does Yvonne envision for the future of their friendship? “We saw at the end of season four, they were both like, ‘We have to get our stuff together. We have to be right.’ So I hope they really, really strengthen their relationship. Also we have fun, and sometimes the fun is a mess, so I’m sure we’ll still be a mess. “


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