See How Joe Jonas Keeps Daughter Willa Close to His Heart

Aug 15, 2021 Entertainment

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are Every Bit the Cool Parents We Imagined

but for 7 years Alina and 4 years old valentinaThe villa is the main attraction. “They’re over the moon about him,” she said in the March chat. “It’s all about ‘I’m going to make this picture for Villa. Can you send that?’ And we’d be looking at the computer for swimsuits and they’d be like, ‘Villa needs one and maybe we need to bring her one for Easter.’ Everything always comes back to the villa.”

Joe, join the club. Although Turner has already cemented motherhood as “my favorite job of all time,” her second day job is calling. And returning to work on HBO Ladder While Jonas hits the road, it means he has to rely on that great teamwork.

“It’s definitely a new experience now that we’re all kind of behind. I’m going on tour, she’s starting a project,” he admitted while appearing on E! daily pope 3 June. “At least for me on vacation it’s going to fly back and forth a lot. It’s like a whole new field.”

Sometimes a man has to do that. But we think they are up to the challenge.