Kelley Flanagan Doesn’t Hold Back in Interview About Peter Weber Split

Kelley Flanagan Doesn't Hold Back in Interview About Peter Weber Split

Even after going against his will, he decides to give Peter a second chance. He told me Girls in the office The hosts said they began to revolve around Valentine’s Day when they met again for a “great” weekend.

However, things later turned sour between the two. Kelly shared, “It ended really badly. I essentially went over it. I was leaving New York to go to a girlfriend’s house and hang out with her. She texted me, I answered. Didn’t give and then got some news. I wasn’t happy with it. We were still with each other on Find My Friends. “

She said she eventually asked him to “get the hell out of my life”, and no longer talks to her or responds to her messages.

“She messaged me the other day and I’m not replying,” she said. “There are so many things you hear. This world is very small. I am also stopped by the girls in Nashville and they say, ‘My friend worked with Peter last week!'”


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