Khloe Kardashian Receives the Cutest Birthday Video From True Thompson

Jul 20, 2021 Entertainment

Khloe Kardashian Addresses Raising Daughter True as a White Mom

Service No According to Khloe, it would be a disservice to expose your kids to the realities of race. “Even if you live in a bubble, whoever you are, I think it can be really upsetting, when your kids break free, they’re either devastated, are going to be hurt, traumatized, confused, overwhelmed,” she said. said. “I think it’s our duty as parents to really expose them, while they have the safety and security of their parents, I think, communicate with them and still guide them. And help them instead of going to the free world and now they’re like, wait, this isn’t that – I didn’t hear about it, I didn’t know what real life was like.”

When it comes to raising her daughter, Khloe looks forward to another challenge. “Something I already know is going to get me into trouble is letting him make his own mistakes,” she said. “That’s how we all learn in life.”

As she put it, “I know it’s a never-ending journey being a mom. It’s not just turning 18 and you just forget about them… you’ve always been their mom.” Huh.”