May 20, 2021 Entertainment

L.A. County Claims Vanessa Bryant Is Making A ‘Scorched Earth’ Search For Info Regarding Kobe’s Death | Celebrities

Los Angeles County is blaming Vanessa bryant Conduct fishing expeditions that are taking first responders away from their jobs and subjecting them to harassment.

Kobe’s The widow filed a lawsuit against the county for negligence and invasion of privacy, accusing the county sheriff and fire department staff of improperly sharing photos from the 2020 helicopter crash that killed her husband, daughter. Gianna, And seven others. In response, LA County is suggesting in a new court filed this week that Bryant is going too far in search of information.

“This straightforward case, with undisputed facts, has turned into a fishing expedition that is taking first responders away from their jobs – and subjecting them to public harassment and threats,” one presented in federal court According to the filing, United states today. “Defendants are eager to put their day in court and end it.”

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County attorneys claim Bryant is adopting a “scorched earth” approach to get information about the accident and his case is looking for sub-defendants and “set an example for the community” when he said He shared photos of the remains of the victims “with no legitimate governmental purpose.”

Additionally, Bryant has asked the court to extend the cutoff date to search for evidence in the case. It has petitioned to extend that deadline from August to February. The county says there is no basis for the expansion.

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The filing states, “The plaintiff has devoted countless hours to reckless posts about pointless search disputes and defendants on social media – all taking the position that his 50 statements cannot begin until That he does not have every single document in the county’s possession, “the filing stated. “This is not diligence. There is no basis for modifying the scheduling order.”

Vanessa Bryant filed an initial lawsuit last year, but amended it in March to include the names of four sheriff duties, which she claims shared photos of the crash. She then posted the names on Instagram and highlighted them with a red box around them.

LA County said Bryant served 126 RFPS (or requests for production) and county defendants completed seven documented presentations containing 29,941 pages.

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