Sep 26, 2021 Entertainment

Loni Love Defends Jeannie Mai After Ex-Husband Trash Talks Her | Celebrities

jenny mai The ex-husband is no longer wishing her well as she has moved in with a new man and is expecting a child.

after the age of 42 announced that she is five months pregnant with her first child, a fan suggested her ex, freddy hurtis, about the news “probably was cutting bricks and screaming”.

“Yes. I upgraded from trash to treasury a long time ago,” Hartis replied, according to Yahoo. “Best decision I’ve ever made. Congratulations. It’s a wonderful feeling to be really happy. Love my little family.”

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The comment has since been removed.

Jab Mai Ki The Real Co-Host looney love Saw screengrab via @theneighborhoodtalk, he defended that.

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“Aunt Lonnie here: Looks like a woman is responding… “We were delighted with the birth of your children so show the same grace to Baby Jenkins.”

Jenny Mae and Freddie Hurtice announced that they were separating in 2017. Six months after their separation, Hurtice revealed that he was expecting his first child with girlfriend Lynsey Toole. They now have two children together and are about to get married.

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