Jun 21, 2021 Entertainment

Macy Gray Calls For Redesign Of American Flag

messi gray A major debate has erupted amid changing times in America: the call for the American flag to be redesigned.

The Grammy Award-winning singer proposed that the flag be published in an op-ed for all 50 states and their people. market inspection. They argue that the flag is no longer a symbol of “democracy and freedom”.

Although the American flag replaced the Confederate war flag, Gray sees a common thread between the two despite the years of change.

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“The Federal War Flag, which was designed as a symbol of opposition to the abolition of slavery, has just recently become tired,” she writes. “We don’t see it anymore.”

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The American flag, however, continues to reflect the general racial tensions of the Confederate flag, including what it means to Americans, and why it is not represented by predominantly black Washington, D.C. and predominantly brown Puerto Rico stars. .

“Let’s look at the stars.” Gray writes. “50 are where 52 should be. D.C. and Puerto Rico have been lobbying for statehood for decades. Both have been denied statehood because elected officials from each region would be allowed seats in the House. Given that the DC representative will be African-American and the Puerto Rican representative will be Hispanic, the ultimate assumption is that these elected officials will be Democratic. That alone is racist.”

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To conclude his argument, Gray suggests making the flag as diverse as the nation.

“What if the stars were the color of all of us — like your skin tone and mine — on the melanin scale? The blue square represents alertness and perseverance, and the red stripes symbolize heroism. America is all of those things.”

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