Marc Jacobs Is "Ready for Lewks" After Documenting His Facelift

Jul 24, 2021 Entertainment

Marc Jacobs Is “Ready for Lewks” After Documenting His Facelift

it’s a new era Marc Jacobs.

The fashion designer hasn’t been holding back from her cosmetic procedure lately. Earlier this week the 58-year-old star took to Instagram to document her facelift and healing process with a selfie at the office. Dr. Andrew Jacono.

“Tomorrow. @drjacono #f–kgravity #livelovelift,” he has written on Wednesday, July 21, with a photo of herself wrapped in bandages.

On Saturday, July 24, the fashion mogul updated his followers with a new photo that showed off his results. as it sizzles Caption Her model poses, “Three days later. Ready for words.”

Additionally, Mark signaled his recovery by including the hashtag: “#someswelling #somebruising #andawholelotofsnatchedtightness…#buhbyeturkeyneck #buhbyejowls.”

After opening up about her cosmetic procedure, the Marc Jacobs Beauty founder took to her comments section to express the love.

“Mark!!!!! You look fabulous!!!” Lisa Rinna replied with Small Actress Debi Mazari Responding, “Sharp as a razor.”

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