May 19, 2021 Entertainment

Men Pose With Cash After Allegedly Running $2 Million COVID Fraud Scheme | National News

In New York, eight people have been arrested for allegedly scamming $ 2 million in unemployment compensation and half have been charged with illegally obtained cash on social media.

According to New York Daily News, On Tuesday (May 18), federal investigators say the men ran a one-year plan that applied for unemployment funds in the names of people whose identities they had stolen.

The suspects have been identified as Brian abraham, 18; Carlos Vazquez, 20; Angel Cabrera, 18; Armani Miller, 24; Johann Santos, 19; Gianni Stewart, 19; Andrea Rudock, 25, and Seth Golding, 18. Officials say they received $ 600 weekly payments in the names of hundreds.

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Vazquez, Cabrera, Golding and Stewart posed with some loot in pictures posted online. Cash received from the scheme was allegedly deposited directly into their bank accounts, sent to their homes in the form of checks, or issued as a debit card made in the name of the victims, whose identity they had caught.

On Tuesday, six out of eight people were arrested in a sting. Miller and Santos have not been arrested until yesterday afternoon.

After an initial appearance in Brooklyn Federal Court, all six were released on $ 75,000 bond.