Jul 23, 2021 Entertainment

Michael Blackson Proposes To Girlfriend During Breakfast Club Interview | Celebrities

comedian Michael Blackson settling down with his new fiancé Miss Rada.

NS 2 Coming to America The actor surprised his then girlfriend Rada with an offer during an interview breakfast club Thursday (22 July). At the end of his interview, Blackson invites Rada to the studio to meet everyone.

as shown in Video, when Rada came, breakfast club host Charlemagne was god Told her “He said he would marry you… He said he wanted to get married, Rada!”

Rada gave her reply to Blackson, “You told me that day! You’re going back on this now?”

Blackson stunned Rada and the hosts by grabbing the engagement ring from her bag and falling to one knee on the spot. He asked, “Rada I love you. Marry me?”

Rada shed tears, “Yeah! Bye-side b-teach, yeah!”

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When Charlemagne asked Blackson how he planned the surprise, and when he decided to propose, Blackson said, “Just her loyalty. I’ve never had a woman who’s been so loyal to me.”

Blackson also posted an Instagram announcement of the engagement, with a caption emphasizing Rada’s loyalty. “Women men seek loyalty even if we keep you loyal to your man because we are bullshit but we will do the right thing eventually. Nothing good comes easy so trust God and what has to happen will happen.” I am blessed to have Rada with me, she is the definition of a great woman.”


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