Miles Teller Says Wife Keleigh Is "Woman of My Dreams" on Anniversary

Sep 02, 2021 Entertainment

Miles Teller Says Wife Keleigh Is “Woman of My Dreams” on Anniversary

Miles Teller He couldn’t be happier about his wife’s wonderful relationship. Kelly Sperry have built.

34 years old the spectacular Now The actor marked their two-year wedding anniversary on Wednesday, September 1 with a touching Homage Posted on social media. Miles shared a tender photo of himself kissing Keleigh’s head on their wedding day as they both looked out at sea with their backs to the camera.

Miles captioned his tweet, “2 years ago today I married the woman of my dreams.” “There isn’t a day that goes by when I can’t remember how much I really love and adore you.”

He continued, “Thank you for your kindness and unconditional support, Kelly. I would be lost without you..”

Filmmakers were among those who responded with messages of support Felix Keu, who tweeted, “It was a wonderful wedding!”

Earlier that day, Kelly posted photos instagram Of the couple together, including a shot from their ceremony. “Happy anniversary my booshkie,” she wrote, “not sure how to put an 8 year old in 10 pics but I love you forever thank you for being a husband stud I love you. “

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