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Of South Africa, with the longest reign of any other Miss Universe title holders Zozibini Tunczyk Officially given to Taj Mexico Andrea Meja During the 69th Miss Universe Contest on Sunday (May 16) at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood in Florida.

Crowned in 2019, Tunzi recently reflected in an interview during his reign. Fox News. The 27-year-old opened up about her experience of being Miss Universe during the coronovirus epidemic, how she dealt with social media trolls and what to expect from the former queen.

Although most of Tunzi’s travel plans and speaking engagements were canceled due to security restrictions, Tunzi told Fox News that she was still able to use her platform in a truly effective way.

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“Everyone knows that a large part of this job is traveling to different countries and getting involved in work. It was hard at first when I realized that I was not fulfilling that part of my job Will be able to do it. But with this platform we can still make a positive change in this world. And that part has not been taken away. My voice has not been taken away. I was able to do it from home and virtually. And in this way, I can do the whole world. Was in. I did everything I wanted to do, sharing the messages I wanted to share. So it was a different experience, but an impactful experience, “Tunzi said.

Throughout her reign, the former pageant queen shared that the biggest challenge was to stay away from home and not be with her family.

“I had to mentally prepare myself to work by being isolated in an apartment and not really being able to go out and interact with people. I think that’s one of the hardest parts for me. There was one. And just wish I was out there personally to do more, “Tunzi continued. “It was also disappointing for me. The epidemic itself was my biggest challenge. But I wanted to create a virtual network of people where we could live together at home.”

With a strong desire for human engagement, Tunzi was inspired to create a platform through Instagram. He invited various individuals such as lawyers and doctors to discuss various topics about mental health and to provide information about coronaviruses.

“I wanted to create a platform where we could all come together and share our experiences, share what we were doing. I felt that people are lonely and frustrated and going through a lot of things. It’s This talk show is increasingly happening on Instagram. Where I would bring different people from different countries and verticals. I had psychologists where we would discuss mental health. I had medical doctors, women from the United Nations, There were lawyers – so many people to educate all of us during this time. I think that’s how I dealt with it. I thought, “If I can’t go there, I’m going to get people here,” Tunzi. Told Fox News.

As Tunzi gained more interaction on social media, she faced criticism about her appearance. Tunzi admitted that the negative comments bothered him, but he used that negativity as an inspiration to continue his work.

“When you enter a place, you need to open the door, even if it is a little bit so that other women can come after you and occupy that space. Ultimately, it’s so new for people And wouldn’t be shocking. Wanted to push me back because they felt I shouldn’t be here. But that’s why I should have been here, “Tunzi told Fox News.

“I’m here as much as anyone else. And the more I got trolled, I had more supporters than that. So I had to remind myself that I was making an impact, and there were a lot of people who appreciated my being here.” During that time. It really reminded me of why I started, why I wanted to be Miss Universe, “Tunzi said.

With the end of Tunzi’s reign, the former queen described the moment as a bitsweet. She told Fox News that she is sad but excited to move on to the next chapter of her life.

The 68th Miss Universe plans to return to South Africa to continue her human works, television appearances, and join the music scene.

“I have been Miss Universe for a year and a half now, the longest reigning Miss Universe. And so I feel like this title has been with me forever. It started to feel like it was a part of me. So, I I feel like I’m letting that part go. So it feels a little sad. But I’m also excited because now I have to move on to the next chapter of my life. It’s like putting a period at the end of this Chapters and jumping on a new page and doing something new. It’s bitter, but I’m more excited than sad, “Tunji said.


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