Apr 26, 2021 Entertainment

Money, Power, Respect: The Crayon Case Owner Supa Cent Is A Certified Girlboss

Raenel steward, Aka Vazam Supa or Supa st, Forbes is not being included like the “self-made” Kylie Jenner, but she is a beauty mogul everyone should know about.

If you’ve seen her before, you might catch her on Instagram. The social media star replaced CEO of viral cosmetics brand, Crayon brand Made headlines last year for an incredible amount of sales in a short period of time. This former waitress found her true calling in the “Box of Crayon” eyeshadow palette that literally took the beauty community by storm, and no one was expecting it.

I was a fan of Supa since the arrival of her hilarious video years ago, and fell in love with her personality. My best friend and I are talking about Supa’s success and how inspiring her story is when I found out she was going to Beautician la, I was stuck about meeting the disruptor of the beauty industry.

On Cyber ​​Monday 2018, Beauty Mogul Rennell “Supa St.” Steward When it came to the beauty industry The Crayon Case brand sold $ 1 million dollars of product within two hours. This year, Supa beat $ 1.37 million making his record in just one hour!

The 32-year-old vocal and hilarious beauty entrepreneur posted the photo on Instagram, captioning the photo, “#blessed.”

Suga’s crayon katis were eagerly awaiting Cyber ​​Monday sales as Mogle posted that some of her best-selling items would be discontinued once they were sold. With a 60 percent discount from the entire site, Supa earned $ 100,000 a minute. Can you say # ego?

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“Your family will support you after the support of strangers,” she explained. “Reach people who don’t know you, because if they love your products, they’ll start loving you. And most importantly, when you’re promoting, be sure to touch all the demographics.”

A $ 1 million increase in revenue within two hours during a 60% discount from Cyber ​​Monday sales, Supa proves how much she truly loves her followers! With his success in only two years, I had to ask him what the secret of his success was? He said, “Secret sauce is appealing to your followers. I connect with all of my fans, connect with everyone. Whoever comes to my page, I connect with them! I promote a lot and I give them I’m involved with people who spend money with me! “


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