My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 324: Release Date & Spoilers

Dec 06, 2021 Entertainment

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 324: Release Date & Spoilers

My Wife is a Demon Queen Chapter 324 traces the rivalry between the Demon Lord Army and Jiang Ye’s army. Jiang Ye was arrested along with his entourage because they claimed to have incited students against the Demon Lord’s Army. After a few days, one of the higher officials arrives and talks with Sophisas. But he decided to talk privately with one of the soldiers. He told the man that if he failed to do his job he would be removed from the rank of chief of the Dragoon regiment. In the latest chapter of My Wife is a Demon-Queen, Jiang Ye and others wait to hear what’s up.

High officials believe that their crimes will not be forgotten. Jiang Ye wonders why Sophisas lost his position. Sophisas told Jiang Ye not to worry because there are other people competing here. A knight protecting them wonders why he is starting to feel ill and believes the commander may be angry at him. Sophisas has agreed to step down. The king tells everyone to leave, but the commander says that he wants to speak with Jiang Ye because he has heard that Jiang Ye holds the economic lifeline of the entire empire in his hands.

Jiang Ye revealed that it was a small business that belonged to the prince. The commander thinks that this is not correct as a slave of the demon tribe returned and achieved great success in a short span. Sophissa’s defense Jiang Ye revealed that Jiang Ye’s forging talent is top-notch and that his intelligence, ability and skill are exceptional. He thinks there is nothing strange in Jiang Ye. The commander replies that he thought Jiang Ye’s talent was rare.

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The commander thinks that he will not like it if he sees the blood of the empire in the hands of foreigners. He thinks that Jiang Ye’s actions have challenged the king’s rules. Those hearing the trial think it is a criminal offense, and that Jiang Ye and his team should be punished. Some believe it to be revolting and disrespectful to the king. Jiang knew that when Martin gave up teaching, it would trouble him. But he is ready for any challenge, yet there are some people who want to remove him from power.

my wife is a demon queen chapter 324
my wife is a demon queen

The people inside the room think that Jiang Ye should be caught. Jiang Ye wonders whether the commander knows his identity or whether he may be fighting for something else. The other man looks at Jiang Ye and remarks that he is dead laughing at her. Jiang Ye tries to defend himself by saying that he is doing everything any citizen is supposed to do and has never missed paying taxes to the empire, but he may be exaggerating things. and trying to create chaos. The commander thinks that Jiang Ye shouldn’t talk because he may be tampering with others.

They believe that the demon tribe is responsible for this chaos. Jiang Ye and Yi Bei notice that the commander knows nothing and is only misleading people. Jiang Ye revealed that if the prince lost confidence in her, he could step down. The commander tells Jiang Ye not to change the subject, and he must be clear whether he still wants to continue acting in front of the prince. He points to Yi Bei and calls her the former Demon Queen Isabella, and asks her to reveal her true identity.

my wife is a demon queen chapter 324 release date

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 3249 will release on December 2021. Everyone in the room is shocked to learn that Yi Bei is Isabella, the former Demon Queen. Sophisas wonders if the commander has proof of what he is saying. Jiang Ye wonders how the commander finds out that Yi Bei is Isabella because most of them never knew about it. The generals reveal that they would have realized this if Yi Bei had been Isabella from the Daemon tribe. Let’s check out My Wife is a Demon Queen Chapter 324 official details.

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my wife is a demon queen chapter 324
my wife is a demon queen

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My Wife is a Demon Queen Chapter 324 you will be able to read online on various websites. The cat confesses that she felt the demon spirit’s trace within Yi Bei’s body. But he thought he imagined things. The boy over the cat prompts her to shut up. Aisha believes that Yi Bei is not a demon because they have traveled with her. Let’s meet when My Wife is a Demon Queen Chapter 324 releases.

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