OPINION: How George Floyd Changed the World To Form A Break In The Chain Of Oppression


George floyd Changed the world.

A year ago, the world stopped to see the racial hatred and ugliness of white supremacy manifested as a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, Who used his knee and body weight to strangle Floyd’s life, in the case of an alleged fake $ 20 bill, to a black man. Floyd’s fatal encounter with the Minneapolis police shocked those who deliberately refused to acknowledge the depth of police violence against black people in this country.

It sent a chilling reminder to black people that we are still not free and still not being treated as humans in a country that our slave ancestors had worked and worked hard to create.

The murder of Floyd and a bystander video taken by a then 17-year-old spread Darnella Frazier Within hours there became a local, national and international cry for justice and accountability. Demonstration and rebellion Happened in Minneapolis, nationwide and around the world.

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Some buildings were burned, including Third Police Station Area Where Chauvin and other officers worked. Some of the protesters received less fatal and severe injuries from chemical weapons deployed. White posts attacked black people and other peaceful protesters.

And millions of people marched and demonstrated demanding justice. He called for speedy firing of murder charges, along with three other officers who helped kill Chauvin and Floyd.

After being in trial for three weeks, on April 20, 2021, a diverse jury of his comrades found Chauvin guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and manslaughter. Black residents of Minneapolis and black people around the country and the world read the verdict when they breathed collective relief and Chowin was taken away from the court in handcuffs.

This was a result that was not thought of by many as the system is designed to allow police officers to kill people free of impunity. That is why out of thousands of police killings in recent years, Only a handful of police officers have been convicted of murder. This has to be changed, and the police system itself must be drastically improved and changed.

Since Floyd’s murder, the Minnesota Legislature has passed a handful of police reform bills, which is a disgrace. Other jurisdictions have taken more serious action, such as New York City becoming the first to abolish qualified immunity. Maryland amended its Police Bill of Rights. Many jurisdictions have banned chokeholds and necks, as used on Floyd.

The city of Brooklyn Center (10 miles from Minneapolis) recently passed extensive police reforms, including imposing significant limits on armed police officers for traffic stops. Police shot dead Dante Wright, A 20-year-old black man and father died during a fake traffic stop in the middle of a Chauvin trial.

Floyd’s family and supporters have lobbied for the passage George Floyd Justice in Police Act, While some argue that the proposed changes would be incremental and not significant enough. At the conclusion of the Chowin trial, the Justice Department Minneapolis Police Department announced an investigation, And Federal civil rights fee is brought Against all four officers associated with Floyd’s murder.

These efforts are an important step, but more to fundamentally change policing in this country to prevent unnecessary loss of life, over-criminalization of black people, racial profiling and violence at the hands of the police is required. Cases of casualties before and after Floyd need to be opened and / or reopened and viewed through a racial justice lens.

Justice is nothing without freeing black people from oppression. Chauvin’s conviction is not the end of the cycle but only a break in the chain of systematic racism.

Nekima Levi Armstrong is a civil rights lawyer, activist and executive director of the Wayfinder Foundation.



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