Police Told Ronald Greene’s Family He Died In Wreck, But Video Shows Officers Kicking, Tasing Him | National


After Ronald green The Louisiana State Police claimed that it was caused by an auto accident. However, the new video shows a very different story.

According to an initial report, Green died in 2019 after resisting and struggling law enforcement following a chase in an accident. In body camera footage obtained by The Associated Press, Green is heard begging the authorities and asking for his kindness.

Three brief video clips show Green opening the door and closing a tusser. “Okay, okay,” he is heard saying. “Forgive me. I’m scared. Officer, I’m scared. I’m your brother. I’m scared.”

A moment earlier, an officer approaches Green’s car with his weapon. “Let me see your f ***** g hand m **** rf **** r.”

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After being taped, Green can be heard moaning while on the ground and handcuffed by one officer, while another kicks him several times, according to the footage. A cop can be heard saying, “There is blood all around me, I hope this man hasn’t got f ***** g AIDS,” as Green groans. Green is also drawn at one point in the video.

AP Reports left Green lying and moaning for more than nine minutes, while officers used sanitized wipes to wash themselves with blood. It does not contain any of the videos posted by the footage. AP.

The LSP said in a statement that it did not release the video and that it was not authorized or received by official sources. After the video was released, the US Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division investigated the incident. Additionally, the FBI and US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Louisiana are investigating what happened.

The state’s initial police report on Greene’s death does not mention the use or arrest of force by state troops.

The LSP report states that two officers chased a vehicle being run by Green after attempting to pull Green for an unspecified traffic violation and the pursuit ended when Green crashed his vehicle.

In May 2020, Green’s daughter filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the officers, claiming that her father was “brutalized by the Louisiana State Police and Union Parish Deputy Officers, which led to his death.”

A conflict between Greene and law enforcement officials came to light when the death in his custody was investigated by the Louisiana State Police Criminal Investigation Division, CNN report.

“Green was taken into custody after resisting arrest and clashing with Troopers,” the report said. “A short time later Green became unresponsive and was taken to Glenwood Medical Center by Pafford Medical Service.”

Additionally, the report revealed that Green died on the way to the hospital.

Le merito, A lawyer for Green’s family compared the video to another, now infamous, video of a black man being abused by police. In the footage he stated, “The George Floyd video has some similar hallmarks, its length, its sheer brutality.

“He apologized for attempting to surrender,” Merritt said AP.



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